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Mr. Mercedes | We knew there was a reason to fear the Ice Cream Man – Episode 1, review.


2017 must have filled Stephen King’s wallet up quite nicely!   Not only do we have the reboot of IT, The Mist and first edition of ‘The Dark Tower’ we’ve now got a TV show, with the outstanding Brendon Gleeson – quite frankly we would watch anything with him in. But, especially him in a Stephen King ...

Liam Gallagher releases new single | ‘For what it’s worth’ – is certainly worth it.


Liam Gallagher is the brother we're focusing on at the moment. Noel seems to have gone off into hibernation – and by that we mean, he’s just desperately writing to keep up with what Liam’s putting out. Love um’ both - But Liam has shocked us to the marrow with what he’s been bring to ...

Radiohead return | Band breaks internet silence with new single and music video!


Sneaky Radiohead are back again with a surprise music video featuring a new song! It's been five years since any new material, but I think we're in luck! Radiohead silently deleted their Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram accounts on Sunday with no explanation, but the disappearing act didn't last too long... They returned to the web and our ears ...

Bob Dylan’s ‘Basement Tapes’ finally to be released!


Half a century has laid a thin layer of dust over the unfinished records of Bob Dylan. These small pieces of potential art were laying peacefully all those years ;until recently a handful of contemporary artists dirtied their fingers mixing and finishing what Bob originally started and it's all due for release November 11th! The music ...