"What's missing from pop music is danger" | Prince

Bob Dylan wins the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature


"For having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition" Yes, you heard us correctly. Bob Dylan, famous singer/song writer has been awarded a Nobel Prize! The 75 year old was given the prize for literature today. Well, strictly speaking, yes he did. For a modern poet, he certainly is one of the best. There is a little ...

A Very Brief History | National Poetry Day


Who better than Prince Charles to kick off National Poetry Day with a reading of Heaney’s, The Shipping Forecast! This year’s theme is messages, so... say it with a poem! There’s over 40 poets on the radio today, The Royal Mail are using a special stamp and poetry themed tickets are being given out at St Pancras station. The National Poetry ...

Josh Robins | Get Involved


The long await is over. Joshua has been pressed, waxed and popped into a cd casing, where he should be. Forget the samey voices we're so used to. Mr. Robins' ( previous lead vocalist to Lady Gray) voice is a wonder in a waistcoat. The unique northern drawl that can hit highs and lows, purr, scream and shout. We'll ...

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