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Liam Gallagher releases new single | ‘For what it’s worth’ – is certainly worth it.


Liam Gallagher is the brother we’re focusing on at the moment. Noel seems to have gone off into hibernation – and by that we mean, he’s just desperately writing to keep up with what Liam’s putting out. Love um’ both – But Liam has shocked us to the marrow with what he’s been bring to the coffee stained table.


The last single was a true belter. It was different. Wasn’t Oasis, wasn’t Beady Eye. It was Liam; and f*cking hell. It blew our socks off the first time we heard it on Radio X.


Speaking of Radio X – they seem to know their shit when it comes to music. 3 minutes into the new single being released, they had it blaring through our stereos.


Okay, we’re not going to dissect ‘Wall of Glass’ – go on NME for that. We’re talking about this new beauty we were treated to today.


We’ve always been critical of the brothers, not sucking up to them, because we know they would never do the same to us. If they hated our music, they would be sure to tell us crudely. But that is also one of the reasons we love to hate to love them… it’s a complicated relationship. After Oasis, we felt bruised and battered. Noel healed the wound slightly with his first solo record, which was fecking wonderful. A great bloody album. But it left us to bleed for the next few years, until now!


We’ll be honest. ‘For What it’s Worth’  feels very Oasis. But, we would consider that to be a very good thing. It’s has an oasis ballad vibe to it, which instantly drew us in. We were expecting something a little stranger or quirky like Liam’s first single. But we don’t hate it. We’ve played it 5 times today. We sort of love it. It’s different to Oasis as it has Liam’s rockier touch to it. The lyrics are great too, we can see Liam being the one to write this baby.


So, overall. The two singles were the perfect teaser. The first was a shock – Liam waving his middle fingers up at us, showing us he can be separate from Oasis and still be f*cking great. And this new release – hinting that he hasn’t forgotten his roots.


Loved it lad. Can’t wait for the album. We’ll certainly be reviewing it. 6th of October guys and dolls!



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