"What's missing from pop music is danger" | Prince

Harry Styles takes on a new direction, with first solo single, Sign of the Times.


We have never seen ourselves as a fan of anything considered to be ‘top of the charts’ in this current climate, especially the pop charts; but despite never enjoying a single One Direction tune, we couldn’t help but gather a soft spot for Ol’ Harry.

We wonder if people saw the same in other boy bands such as the Jackson 5, when Michael was the obvious stand out, just as Harry always has been. You don’t even have to listen to them, just look. Watching interviews with the lads, it’s Harry that we can relate to, because he’s so annoyingly relatable. The only member of the band that we would feel comfortable approaching at a bar for a chat and a Jägermeister. ..

Despite being tied down to a stupidly pretty boy band who follow every direction from their pop writers, fashion team, directors and the cheers from their adoring audience that consist mainly of females that haven’t yet matured into a underwired bra, Harry seemed the odd one out in the crowd. He’s not the one to wear the matching suits, he’ll be the one slouching his shoulders, walking onto stage as if he was walking into his local co-op for a packet of Quavers and a Ginsters.

His social media speaks for him, posting random tweets such as “There’s an Oat in my throat” or blank squares on his Instagram… all the time. Quite frankly, we’d rather have that than Zayn’s awful spelling and the other pop stars that thank god five times a day on their Snapchat. At least Harry is keeping it real, reminding us what year it is occasionally, just in case we’ve forgotten, you know? He’s just a caring guy like that!

We know he is heavily influenced by rock stars rather than the poppy side of music history, artists such as Mick Jagger, David Bowie and The Beatles being just some of those he’s publically spoken about– recently he’s shown his adoration for departed stars such as Prince (appropriately naming this single after the late star’s 1987 album) and Mr. Fray. We were promised the rock n roll vibe in this album, and so far, we haven’t quite heard it.

Sign of the times reminds us of the older noughties, indie rock ballads, but with less indie and rock and more – plain? This could be the only vanilla single, for all we know the rest of the album could be a tribute to 70’s post punk, but I think we’d be placing our bets on the pop/rock genre.

As NME said, its Robbie meets Rod Stewart, and they couldn’t have summed it up with a better analogy.

We can hear some Oasis ballads mixed with some of The Jam. It’s modern but dated.

We don’t hate it, we actually kind of love it.

Wait for the drum roll at 1:20 and then we could hear our minds just click in time with the music, and we were jamming. Hold your lighters (or as everybody does now, phone torches) in the air and let’s hope we’re just going to get gold from Mr. Styles in the future.

And yes, that was our first review of a pop single. We’d like to thank our friends and family for supporting us through this hard time.

Now, Harry, do not disappoint us. And most importantly, don’t change out of your leather boots and funky shirts, we like them.

The full album can be pre-ordered now and it’s due for an official release on the 12th of May.




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