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Bob Dylan wins the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature


“For having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”

Yes, you heard us correctly. Bob Dylan, famous singer/song writer has been awarded a Nobel Prize!

The 75 year old was given the prize for literature today.

Well, strictly speaking, yes he did. For a modern poet, he certainly is one of the best. There is a little debate going on, particularly on twitter, whether or not it’s appropriate to give such an award to the song a dance man, seeing as it usually focuses on scientific discovery and peace. There’s more to life than black-holes and hippies… though, Bob did have a peaceful heart, with his anti-war and civil rights anthems.

Did they just want to meet him? Maybe. Is he a genius? Hell yes. So, we see no issue here.

Bob certainly influenced his future generation of people and musicians with his music and lyrics. Now the man in the long brown coat has paved the way for future musicians to win a Nobel Prize such as he did – the very first to do too.

Let’s just hope this continues with the likes of Leonard CohenEric Clapton and Neil Diamond – rather than, I don’t know, Kanye West.



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