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Josh Robins | Get Involved


The long await is over. Joshua has been pressed, waxed and popped into a cd casing, where he should be.

Forget the samey voices we’re so used to. Mr. Robins’ ( previous lead vocalist to Lady Gray) voice is a wonder in a waistcoat.
The unique northern drawl that can hit highs and lows, purr, scream and shout. We’ll have one of those, if you please.

The 4 song EP, Get Involved was officially released today. Each song taking you on your own, personal musical journey.

Starting with the jump on the table, beer in hand and dealer’s number in your jean pocket, Mr. Lucky, co. written by the talented Benjamin Hayhoe. We’ve tried and tested it. If you close your eyes, listen to Lucky and count to 10, you will miraculously find yourself with a crisp beersekie in your palm.

Then we move to the catchy, well put together and PAINFULLY relatable, Love Songs. A hilarious tale of the dark side to the cheese on the radio, the songs that get annoyingly stuck in your head all day, well Josh, We’ve had this one in our head all day… But, it’s not annoying. You’re excused.

Jack and Mary is a dainty tune. An outsiders outlook and opinion of a lasting relationship. Again, stunning musicianship, and the outré at the end shocked us to the marrow. One of those hair on the neck moments. Ohhh lovely vocals. This boy has style and lungs

Last, but certainly not least, Not Impressed. The star of the album, if I could so boldly
say. Josh writes his own music – which, let’s face it, is incredibly rare these days, is a multi-talented instrumentalist playing guitar and piano fluently and let’s not forget his impressive vocal range and wide genres. But no one does sweet, sensitive songs like Joshy. Just beautiful.
To quote Bernard Black, You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life.

Josh Robins is always touring so pop him a visit on his many social medias and you can see the class act yourself. EP is also available on ITunes, Spotify AND you can have it in your hands too.
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