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Jeff Buckley | You and I


A new release from the deceased? How very odd. Not that we’re ones to complain. This is Jeff Buckley after all, the man with the silver voice that floated away oh-too-soon. Like a delicate honey whiskey on the throat.

Buckley’s previous album, Grace, was the bitter-sweet medicine we’ve all gulped down in our time of need. You and I, is Grace, re-incarnated. With a mixture of soul and cld6cd9b97assic guitar sounds, these albums bring more to light with Jeff Buckley‘s cut short career.

One thing that could be argued to be strange, is the addition of his mumbles over the tracks, I say mumbles, because if you’re listening to the album real low, you’d miss them. Although he is talking to whoever is on the other side of the mic, he seems to be talking to his listeners, explaining the songs and his ideas for them. It makes you wonder whether these rambles are for us, the listeners, or himself for when he played back the song. This album is a perfect Sunday afternoon listen for your ears, when you’re winding down, ready to start a week of work (or not, as the case may be).

Best known for his Cover of Leonard Cohen‘s Hallelujah released in 1994. You and I is a collection of covers and original pieces by the artist. The album is compiled of 10 songs, with tracks ranging from the soulful Just like a Woman (a cover of Bob Dylan‘s song) to the more instrumental Grace (an original song of his on the album).

There’s no argument that he would have been a big country star. Jeff Buckley is more of a country rock kinda music, for those sunny days with the windows down. He’s definitely one of the greats.

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