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Beyoncé (Feat. Jack White) | Don’t Hurt Yourself


Despite this being all about Queen B, it’s oozing Jack White. Not to look at… Visually it’s alike most of Beyonce‘s videos. Strong independent woman, tightly clad in a skin tight, figure hugging dress, paired with a questionable taste in outwear. A frumpy fur coat. Beyoncé dances around a car park with her amigo’s angrily, the scene occasionally cutting to a less sweaty version of the lady herself in a glamorous dress in the same car park but with a black and white filter.

If you take out the video and forget the singing. The actual structure of the song is fantastic, a catchy drum beat tuned with a attractive reggae styling – that, no doubtably was Jack White‘s doing, giving his own unique touch to an R&B lady. Like we said, forget Beyoncé‘s lyrics and singing, purely instrumentally based, it’s not R&B at all. It’s uncannily similar to That Black Bat Licorice…

The beauty of Beyoncé is you don’t have to be a fan of her genre of music to enjoy HER music, it’s the highest form of mainstream R&B and Pop readily available on the radio, it gets the woman feeling proud and motivated to be themselves and brings people together… horrah! What more could we ask for? Well, not this album it appears.

Clouded with a dark space, swearing into oblivion and speaking quite crudely about ‘the next d*ck, boy’.
Apparently, this is talking from her mother’s point of view in a lot of these tracks. But, with lyrics like ‘“This is your final warning / You know I give you life / If you try this sh*t again / You gon’ lose your wife” –  We’ll just leave that there. Is it okay to bitch about your husband publicly? Maybe going home and speaking to him may be an idea? To your husband, yeah?… not millions of strangers? Well, what do we know!

So, it’s an okay song. Jack White, pretty much saved it with the background and his only clearly spoken line ‘Love God Yourself’ about 3 minutes in, made it all worth while. B’s had two single’s from her upcoming album ‘Lemonade‘, both of which have been a woman bitching about her marriage breaking down and not being sorry for what she’s done (which funnily enough, is not mentioned) even openly saying ‘Now I’m the one who lying, and I don’t feel bad about it’. Inspirational.


Rock and Roll is full of vulgarity and usually quite R rated situations. But, it’s usually toned down, hidden by nick names or slang and normally… a bloody good song by a respectable artist. There’s no doubt Beyoncé is highly respected by the world and by us too, believe it or not. But, from where we’re standing, there’s nothing inspirational, danceable or even noticeable about this latest album. Beyoncé with bad hair and a temper, pretty much. The music is nothing compared to it how it was, no message, no rhythm but no shame.

The fact is, unfortunately. If this album didn’t have Beyoncé‘s name on it, and say… a lesser known Pop/ R&B star instead, do you think it would go down as an excellent album? Or even reach the charts? Of course it wouldn’t.
It’s popular because it’s Beyoncé, not because it’s good. She could have an album of her sat crossed legged in every video fiddling with her weave and reading the dictionary out loud, and it would still be played every hour on every radio in every country. Because it’s beyond the music now… which is unfortunate, but true.

The worst part is, no one even dares say a bad word about the album, it’s Beyoncé. They’re going to be flooded with  millions of angry fans if they do. It’s been called by Hollywood Life  ‘Her Most Real Album Ever’… really? Everyone’s talking about the lyrics and stride she’s taking, but no one is saying anything about the content it’self? Because they don’t dare to. The Drop is excellent. When B sings with Jack towards the end – lovely stuff. What is the rest?

HOPEFULLY, because we’ve only heard 2 singles, let’s hope they were the worst on the album and there’s a lot of gold hidden away! To be heard soon… Let’s HOPE.

Grads to her, anyone would kill to be in her situation, to be so popular you don’t even have to be good any more. Shake that booty and include a little speech about ‘Power to Woman’ and you’ve got yourself a number one, darlin’.

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