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Iggy Pop | Post Pop Depression


Rockers, you’re in for a tasty treat! 

Iggy Pop emerged early this year hand in hand with Josh Homme. Both men are renowned for their good taste in collaborations. Iggy with the likes of Bowie and Slash. Homme with Queen of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal.

The revelation of an album together was announced in January and that they were to be joined with The Dead Weather‘s Dean Fertita and The Arctic Monkey‘s drummer, Matt Helders. 

The secret album is packed full of the grit we’re used to from Iggy along with a beautifully dark and depressing undertone that Homme illustrates in his art. Swallow it down with a shot of Makers Mark and you’re in for a good night!

‘Gardenia’ and ‘Break into your Heart‘ have already taken us by storm. But the album is no singles project. Every track has a different persona. Booming with character.

‘Chocolate Drops’ brings a distinct 80’s, Ashes to Ashes vibe, ‘Vulture’ drives you into the middle of a bull fight with only a guitar as a weapon. And our personal favourites ‘German Days’ and ‘Paraguay’, both about as modern as Pop can get. Complete with some dark lyrics. Josh always cuts us open to bleed so nicely. It’s like inhaling Petrol… it should be bad for you? But is it? Have you ever heard of any illness related to sniffing the air at a gas station? Wives tale we say. Breathe it in- nothing that smells that good could be bad. Right?

Amazingly, the album is Iggy Pop‘s biggest commercial success, number one on the Rock chart and within the top 20 on the Billboard Top 200. Previously Pop’s highest climber was number 72, ‘Idiot’ back in ’77.

Take that as a life lesson! They say you reach your peak at 30, then it’s all backwards. Iggy’s outshone himself, and it only took him 40 years, let’s forget his relapse with the car insurance advert…

The super band is set to play London’s Royal Albert Hall in mid-May, Homme has come out saying they refuse to play arenas, ‘small, beautiful theatres’ and we couldn’t agree more! These boys know their stuff, music is certainly safe in their calloused hands.

In Pop’s own lyrics ‘Let’s Drink Champagne on Ice‘- these guys always bring a party.


Buy your tickets and the album, here!


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