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Jack White


Jack White is the proof in the pudding that some modern musical mumblings can drip into the mainstream.

Of course followers of this messy haired, Michelangelo of music will know him as a new-age genius. A raw, finely tuned talent.

Others know Jack as the brains and brother of the red, black and white band ‘The White Stripes’; a band made up of himself and his darling “sister” Meg. She whacked away on the drums in a brilliantly childish manner and Jack… Well, did everything else.

This side of Jack’s musical career was made up of rustic sounding melodies, insane but beautifully worded lyrics and a gentle, but great simplistic sound. Not only were the two praised highly on record, but also as live artists. With infamous concerts such as ‘Under Great Northern Lights’. It shouldn’t have worked, a two piece band playing un-usual music… But it did.

Usually if someone looks blankly as the name Jack White is mentioned they’ll nod exuberantly once you start humming their biggest hit ‘Seven Nation Army’. Are you humming it? Thoughts so.

Jack moved onto bands such as ‘The Raconteurs’- whom found equal fame with two practically perfect albums. All made in a matter of weeks (as most of Jack’s work is), bringing more of a slick and studio finish to the records. ‘The Dead Weather’ was his next project, teaming up with Miss Allison Mossheart, singer of ‘The Kills’. The two formed a harmonious duet, combining The White Stripes infamous ‘rawness’ with an animalistic tribal vibe. Scalded as insane on paper, but worked brilliantly the moment it began flowing from the speakers.

Throwing apart his work in bands, White has since found commercial success solo, with his record ‘Blunderbuss’ released back in 2012. His own personal brand of sound was made more clear with his lone work, and like everything he does… It worked. Funny that. Alt- Rock to Country, Pre-Punk to Blues he’s proven everything he touches turns to gold!

His newest and bluest (in colour) album Lazaretto proved this on the ten fold. Teamed with outrageous bluesy numbers, pretty folksie tunes and heart pounding instrumental numbers; Jack really can do no wrong. We’ve seen the live show this year, so we can be certain.

By C. Maria.

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