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Steel Panther Headline Wembley.


Remember those who insinuated that Steel Panther were a ‘silly band’… ‘A throwback from the 80’s’ or just too darn rude to get anywhere. Well, consider them slapped in the face by the foursomes latex clad members! They just headlined Wembley.

They owned the place. (After the Dwarvian versions of them left shortly after starting the first song. Yes that was a brilliant idea, and yes they were miniature panthers in every aspect. Each of them drunk, flirting with groupies and wearing leather after the show. Rock and roll mini man!)

Strutting around the stage like they were raised on there… Jumping, jerking and jamming to each of their self-written songs. A rock and roll fiesta!

It really was an ‘all you can eat’ buffet. The fans screaming out every lyric, posed with the band merch, or in the case of the very attractive young females in the sweaty audience, very little- meaning easy access to a televised flash, or an increasing chance of jumping on stage and flashing in person; and boy did they.

Think of a usual rock concert, up the passion a little, add a load of hairspray and spandex then swap the mosh pits for a sworn of pert boobies. Now you’ve got a panther show. There’s a reason why the fans are so hardcore. They come back not just for the music, but the whole experience.

The boys played faultlessly. As they always seem to do. Adding banter between songs with the crowd and themselves… Best moments including: a live version of their viral song about the potato that is Kanye West

Lexxi’s newly formed ‘hair solo’- anyone who knows of this will recall the other members on their knees blowing up at his hair… Not this time. A leaf blower was used… To Lexxi’s surprise too it seemed as the whole time he was screaming ‘turn it off’- whilst pouting, of course.

Finally, their proudest moment. An on-stage presentation of their silver status (60,000 record sales. Who’s the joke now!) An emotional side swept over them suddenly, either they were overwhelmed with how much they had achieved, how successful and loved they were as a band and how proud they should be- or, more realistically the coke just hit em’.

Steel Panther have moved on from their mortal status. They’re now up there with the gods of heavy metal. A force to be reckoned with. With a smile and a pelvic thrust they left the stage followed by the roar of a satisfied crowd, rolling over and lightning a cigarette. Everyone well and truly satisfied and spent.

I’ve said it before- Steel Panther are a serious band, who don’t take themselves too seriously. If you’re not a fan, your girlfriend is.

Rock on!

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  • Williamrare
    June 25, 2016

    Thanks-a-mundo for the post. Fantastic. Canson

  • reference
    February 1, 2017

    GciL0r wow, awesome blog.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

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