"What's missing from pop music is danger" | Prince

Marilyn Manson | The Pale Emperor


Marilyn Manson. A name that’s spread many rumours, and thighs with that. 

A man that brings more controversy than music in most parts. A parents worst nightmare and a goths daydream. The look, the sound all brings with it that ambidecant rock-horror feel. Iggy Pop ‘Raw Power’ meets early Nirvana.  A genre that rarely breaches the mainstream. Perhaps that’s the reason for his high success. The shock factor and the sense of naughtiness you feel when listening. Play it in front of your dear granny, I dare you. If you are a grandmother and a fan, my sweet, I salute you. 

We could speak all day about the androgynous mess that is Manson. But let’s put the gruesome glitz to the side for now. We all know what this masked man is capable of. Did he remove a rib? Did he marry one of the most beautiful woman in hollywood? Did he simulate many sexual acts on stage? Needless to say the only truth behind most the rumours is the fact that regardless of the image, this man became a legend because of the music alone, and what he brought with it. 

Marilyn’s new album keeps to his familiar sound, which I’m sure fans were thankful for. But his paring with the infamous Tyler Bates created an eery alt-rock sound that has battled into new and popular albums creating a delightful mixture of old and new, comfort and creation, however you put it this album is one to listen to. Even a bluesy track is hidden in the list (Odds of Even- a hair stander for sure.) Manson fan or not. If you’re a fan of the current rock scene this album will slide nicely into your collection. 

The record brings a relaxed but still metal rimmed boot stomping theme, his vocals impressive and the bass beat certainly one that will stay in your head for the continuation of the day. Keeping to the grungy themes of all that is ‘Sex drugs and rock and roll’, but combining a slightly classy edge. Think Manson in a tux, a washed tux. The eye-liner staying in place, but the smudging wiped away. A clean cut collection of similar vibed tracks would sum up this album sweetly. (The cover alone shows the man himself in a
black and white, a cleanly put pose. Blink and you wouldn’t recognise the devil himself. But he’s still there. Lurking beneath the white blazer.)

Each song brings with it a requiem for a dream essence  (if you’ve listened and seen the film, you’ll know exactly what I mean. If you are unaware of the movie. Don’t watch it, it’s beauty will make it’s mark in the darkest way.) 

You’re going to a friendly get together, don’t listen. Your first wed song… Not one for the stereo. You’ve just found out your uncle is your father, you’re a heroine addict and are looking for an escape as you rock back n’ forth in your chair, wearing only your finest skinny jeans. PERFECT. It’s a feely album; ya’ get? ‘Warship my wreck’ is one of those. Pushing you to anger- but that driving kind. You won’t want to jump off a building, you’ll want to build one (whether you jump afterwards is your decision.) 

The rock horror is at full volume; every track has it’s own special niche. It certainly hasn’t disappointed us. Laying off the shock factor that Manson started brilliantly in the 90’s. He learnt his lesson with the last decade. Turning on MTV now is very different to 15 years ago. Nothing can shock us. But this album was so chilled, dirty and deriving, it somehow did shock… By not shocking us? Manson is a clever man,
don’t let him fool you. Never lurking too far from our eyes and ears with regular appearances on all the cool shows ( Californication and Sons of Anarchy) and now with this bran-spanking new alty album. Mr. Manson, you do not disappoint. 

The real question is, live… How is this going to unravel. Rumours have spread that his most recent appearances have been a slight let down. But now he has new material, hopefully this will all change! We’re excited, are you?

So pop on your cheapest guyliner, and take a listen. We recommend a bottle of Jameson and complete darkness for full effect. Buy here: 

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