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Joe Bonamassa | Live at hammersmith


Joe Bonamassa has worked his way into the hands and ears of the mainstream… Rightly so.

A man fulled by a clear classic rock and old school blues influence, a heart for soul and fingers that were born to play that guitar.

The tour was announced in team with his most recent album (released back in september, entitled ‘Different shades of blue’.)
4 nights at the famous Hammersmith apollo this last week. All the reviews stay to the same vibe and message- that man rocked the stage from the moment he walked on with his sunglasses on (one thing I can suggest to bring along with ones person to a Bonamassa gig. As those lights, as pretty as they are- are blinding at times. Joe was right to bring his own pair.) Until the moment he took them off just before he left to the wings.

Opening up with the first track on his new album ‘Hey Baby (New rising sun)’ the audience were in his calloused palms immediately. There was no real ad-lib between songs. An occasional nod to his talented crew, a few inside jokes and thanks, but the rumours of him being a shy man was only confirmed. Somehow his introverted nature added to his talent?

 A man born to play but never become anything from it. Joe was never someone that could link arm in arm with fame. By his playing you could see from his gestures and mouthing along to the guitar that he was in it for the music and the music alone. Flashback to his childhood. We could all see him being the lonely kid at school. His guitar being his best friend. Skipping parties to stay at home and jam on his own. Thank the heavens the lime light hit him, deservedly, so our ears could drink out that delightful talent.

Bonamassa is the type to attract the aficionados. From our personal team we sent a girl just reaching 20,
and it was clear she was the youngest there. Everyone of them nodding their heads along with the tracks they knew so well… Appreciating the music, not having to sing every lyric, headband or shout their admiration. They were seated for a reason.

 The set was far more rockier than his usual… Reciting from his album which of course ran by the same genre- Rockier, louder and meddled with funk. Less lyrics more lingering. The only real hit he played was ‘Sloe Gin’… Which went down a storm, as it always does. ‘Never give all your heart’ and ‘Oh Beautiful’ seemed to be the crowds firm favourites. Intervening piano and those hearty, velvet soaked vocals of Joe’s meddled together beautifully.

Joe is commonly known as one of the best guitarist of our generation, but his voice is rarely mentioned. 

Bonamassa tweeted out to his fans that he had a ‘chest infection’, so severe he had to cancel all the meet and greets in london. If he hadn’t of said it before the concert no one would have ever guessed. Faultless. Utterly faultless.

Joined by Reese Wynans, you may remember him from Double Trouble? A legend certainly. For the encore Randy Bachman joined. Jamming only how legends could…

A show for those blues, rock and roll lovers. He certainly didn’t disappoint. Have we seen him before many a time? Yes. We will see him for years to come and it will still feel like the first time? Undoubtably.

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