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1970 was the year Aerosmith’s story began… 15 studio albums, 2000 concerts and a crate full of hairspray later the band are packing their leopard print suitcases and going on the road for their newly announced tour this year.

Starting off in Turkey this May and moving swiftly around Europe for the next month, reaching England in time for Download Festival and Hard Rock calling, this may just be the only chance rock fans will have to see one of the last remaining true rock and roll bands in their lifetime… By lifetime I don’t mean ours. Steve alone turned 66 this year.

Don’t let the facts fools you. These boys of Boston may be getting on slightly, but they have been 26 for the past 40 years. Still running around stage like  12 year olds high on sherbet, shredding guitars in the same mind bending fashion and screaming that, oh so definitive scream. There’s no doubt these men will put on a show that you’ll be talking about for the rest of your life.

Just a week ago, Steve and Joe performed their first hit ‘Dream on’ in tribute to the victims and survivors of the Boston bombings, not only was it a touching performance, it was artistically and technically brilliant. Not a note out of place, some could argue better than the recorded version itself. Performing at the Whiskey with Slash and Kennedy a few weeks back.

Not only that, if you’re lucky enough to live in the US, or have enough pennies to visit the States; it has recently been announced that Guns and Roses’ finest fingers Slash and the man with the golden voice and dirty mouth Miles Kennedy of Alter Bridge are set to join the band on the road in America. As if seeing just Aerosmith wasn’t already enough…Where better to announce this great partnering than L.A’s infamous Whiskey A Go Go, not an unknown venue for Aerosmith… Though it had been a good 41 years before they graced the intimate stage, any on-looking eyes and ears would never have known.

Slash and his hat joined the stage for the last 2 songs which was when the news was broken by Steve “We’re going to bring up a friend of ours who is going to be playing on this tour. The one and only Slash!”.

 The two had joined before on the road back in 88′ when Guns and Roses toured with Aerosmith on the Permanent Vacation tour, so an instant charisma onstage has been formed already in the 26 years the boys have known each other.

The tour is appropriately entitled ‘Let Rock Rule’, and kicks off after their smaller band-only tour of Europe. Starting off July 10th at the Jones Beach Theatre, New York.

With the tour in the lime light the hopes of a new album has been buzzing about, but all talk has been put to a stop after Aerosmith’s own Joey Kramer told Classic Rock “There’s almost no reason to do it, you know, judging from the last one and how it went over.” Though he then added, “Artistically it would be fun to make another record and it would be a beautiful thing if we can put it together”.

So, the dreams are not quite shattered, yet. If they release anything like their last record ‘Music from another dimension’ (2012), the fans thirst buds will most definitely be quenched.

However, music isn’t the only thing to come out of Aerosmith this year… Coffee too.

Yes, you read that correctly, drummer Kramer has released his own range of said-to-be delicious coffee called “Rockin’ & Roastin’”,  What else would one name it?

The initial shock of a rock star making coffee soon faded when thinking of the reason behind it. Of course they’re going to know a whole lot about the notorious beans, most of them practically living off caffeine. By the sounds of the reviews Joey Kramer is no exception. The slogan on the packet saying ‘Music to your lips’. With that I’m sold… Who wouldn’t want to drink coffee that the rock stars drink. It’s all very appealing.

The rockers coffee in on sale as three different roasts, all available as the whole bean and grounded variety. Not only that, you can buy an autographed packet… If that doesn’t sell coffee I don’t know what will.

Kramer describes his coffee as: “Some of the finest, purest kick-ass coffee on the planet comprised of organic, custom-roasted Arabica brews in three varieties sure to please the palate of any coffee-sseur.”.

No more convincing is needed on my part… All the reviews I have rolled through have on the most part rated the coffee 5\5. Low bitterness with a bite, strong enough for a morning coffee, but mild enough for the afternoon. It seems Joey knows his coffee.

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