"What's missing from pop music is danger" | Prince

World Environment Day | What YOU can do, which political parties support the environment and what is happening to our world.


Today marks World Environment Day. A day that really should be every day.   The environment has reached the news yet again, there's a lot of political differences, but I’m sure everyone can agree that actions from us humans has already damaged the environment.  Whether that is taking trees from almost all of our natural rainforests. Digging ...

Hunter S. Thompson | Too weird to live, too rare to die – The best of the madness.


Hunter S Thompson recently hit the news again since it came to light that his friend Johnny Depp spent a whopping 3 million dollars on his funeral (not a conventional funeral as you could expect from Hunter, his ashes were fired out of a giant fist/cannon along with a huge firework display).     Quite a few years ...

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